2019: 1 year in 2mn


# Special Event Production

Zain gathers "music and art skills" to create unique moments.

Zain artists network, developed through 15 years  of Event Production, to create one of a kind emotions:
Michelin cook, Sound designer, Art Light engineer, Dance performer, Sportsman, Dj's.

Zain Agency has produced some of the most diverses and big events :

- Grand Palais Private Sting concert for 100yFIE with 1 thousand seated diner guests (2013: 3MEbudget),

-104 T-night (Rolex group) "Strategies Event of the year" in 2009.

- Cartier Cactus collection or Dior addict with "London Grammar private performance" for Sharlize Teron.

- Pucci party with private performance of Solange Knowles for Peter Dundas. 

- Balmain party, Vogues, LV, System, Gaya, Mastermind Diners,... at Loulou.

Due to the position of Monsieur Bleu in Palais de Tokyo and Loulou at musée des Arts Decoratifs,

we are linked to art world producing dinners for White Cube, Gagosian, Kamel Nennour galleries 

or media such as the relaunching of "Beaux-Arts magazine" and "Numéro Arts".


# Unique & Exclusive locations

Zain is exclusively producing all special events

Zain, throughout its network, scouts unique venues to create one of a kind night creative concepts


# Public Relation

Benjamin_zain is founding partner of Raspoutine (7 years), MonsieurBleu (4 years), Loulou (1 year) in charge of Public Relation, Communication and Event production. This gave him the opportunity to enlarge his connection to international cercle and fashion industry.


For 15 years, Benjamin_zain did Public Relation missions for Rolex, Maserati, Chaumet, IWC, Lancel, Armani, Jcrew, Tiffany,... inventing and producing concepts to bring happy few to exclusive shared moments with brands.

Special Travel Agent

Since 2002, Zain has runned unique trips for unique people: Heliskiing in Ouzbekistan or Kamchatka, kitesurfing and dancing in Kazantip (Burning man of Ex-Ussr) with always the desire to bring special treatments in the middle of nowhere. But our main talent has been to bring together like-minded people that became life-time friends by sharing unusual experience in remote location.

As we like to say : "Travelling like partying is not about the place you are, but the people you are with! "


This has led Zain to combine Travel and Party skills by producing "3daysParties" in best planet spots: Swedish art magma birthday jubile week-end in Capri, Cirque du soleil founder week-end in Kiev, Young french taifoon 3days celebration with sports competition and high-level parties in Val d'Isere, nothing is impossible for us, along its unusual to create.


Zain does not have clients, just a circle of trust that asked them for 15years to create happiness. Join the circle! to be 😊 happy...

VAL D ISERE - Private Birthday
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